And Now

And Now,

You Know,

When strange things happen,

Word press presents itself,

Open, Page, Title, Text,


Right now?

Write now.

Write know.




Numero Uno

Every now and then…..Screenshot_2018-01-31-13-33-15Screenshot_2018-01-31-14-52-13Screenshot_2018-01-31-16-42-06The above images are screenshots taken at the random times i check the phone. When i began observing this, i mentioned it to my brother, he laughed. After months of sharing the phenomenon, with the general response being either, “wow, i would never have noticed” or “that is so random” or “what a fluke” i began photographing the occurrences; shopping receipts with the cost matching the time and/or business number, vehicle odometers matching the phone number and/or address of the destination, battery percentage matching the date and/or time….

Some days, there is a pattern or theme, the number sequences are in coordination with one another, or are in order.

Screenshot_2018-02-05-23-00-48And the screenshot of the moment of saving the edit….

Every moment, every now, every then….